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Originally Posted by lmike6453 View Post
How do you manage swapping tires just for one day of snow / ice when the next is warmer and its melted?
Do you swap just the tire or have an entire different wheel set?
Or leave studded on even though its not needed that day and burn the tread up?
I switch between Continental TContact Winter and Nokian many-spikes. Continental are transitional tires so penalty for keeping them on too long is limited. In the other direction I am just unnecessarily slow. In any case, I may swap every few days and at times put a studded just in front. I do the swapping in 2 sweeps. At first I wash the tires and let them stand to dry. After they more or less dried out I change the tires. I use Koolstop/Soma tire levers for taking the tires off and help myself with one or other tire bead jack to put the tires on. Altogether it is a 6min (taking off/washing) + 16min (swapping/putting wheels on) operation. It is not a big deal when you weave it in-between other operations, but in the morning I must of course plan for this not to get late.
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