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Originally Posted by seamuis View Post

one of the main issues with using a vintage crank. This is why I chose the dura ace 7400, because the 7400 bbs are still plentiful. You are correct that this crank is ISO not JIS. Both the road double and the track single, are 144bcd. The track used a 109mm spindle and the road used a rather odd 113.5mm spindle. 125 seems way too long and is certainly not the original spindle length. Any 68mm asymmetrical ISO 109mm spindle should be perfect for setting it up as a single speed or fixed. For maintaining clearence for and inner chainring and an outer bash guard as you have yours setup, a 68mm asymmetrical 111 or 112mm ISO spindle should be what you want. I just have no idea how a 125mm spindle came to be used. My DA 7400 crank uses the original asymmetrical 112mm spindle. Setup as a singlespeed I have a chainline at the outer position of 46mm and 41 at the inner chainring position. With a 111 or 112 mm spindle you should end up with similar at the outer and inner positions.

most 70s and 80s higher end square taper cranksets used similar spindle lengths. Typically 109mm for a track and 112-113 for a road double. Only use I could see for 125 would be for a touring triple setup.
Ok, Ill see if my LBS will let me try out a generic BB with a 112ish spindle and see where the chainring lands... after the holidays Thanks seamuis!
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