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I happened to be driving by Performance Bike today and remembered that they are going out of business and everything was cheap. So I stopped in and found a Shimano UN-55 to test out for only $13. It doesn't specify JIS or ISO, so apparently it is one size fits all (that phrase always instills confidence in me). 113mm length. I don't really like how it feels when torquing the crank down, it just keeps going and going and you can't get a good feel for when enough is enough (I don't have a torque wrench in inch-pounds, either). It feels like I could keep tightening the thing down forever, and in my minds eye the ISO taper on my old crank is just getting smushed to oblivion... Eventually I did stop, removed the bolt to see what I expected, the spindle buried pretty far down and no where near bottoming out on the washer. So it doesn't look like it is tight (at least the fit doesn't look like my old JIS crank and JIS spindle did), and it doesn't feel like it is 100% tight either, but maybe it is, who knows.

Anyway, the 42t chain ring does have more room to the chain stay than my previous setup with a 40t did, but the chain line isn't great. I could use a few more mm's in spindle length to straighten it out. I was hoping to learn a little more from this trial but with the way the crank fit on the spindle I don't feel like I am any closer than I was. Any pearls of wisdom left out there? Thanks again.
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