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Originally Posted by Skipjacks View Post
I don't get this. You have shorts...but it's cold so you add legs. Why not just wear pants? This seems like the roundabout way of getting to 'pants'
I think there's a niche reason for them. Let's say you bike up a mountain, at the bottom it's 80f, and the top it's 40f.

You ride with your regular bike shorts up the mountain. Even near the top you're working hard so you're sweating.

You get to the top and are looking at coasting down a mountain at 40f with bare legs. The leggings are lightweight enough that you could bring them with you (jersey pocket? I dunno) so you put them on for the ride down.

That being said, it's a pretty niche use. If I'm not running into such radical differences in temperature I have the same attitude of just wear full pants.
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