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Originally Posted by barnabaas View Post
I left out some info. My bad. My current chainring is an Andel 144bcd 3/32nd chainring so I figured a direct swap would be ideal. My current chain is also a 3/32 and is in perfectly fine working order so was hoping to not have to change that if need be. Also my rear cog is a 3/32. It was mainly for ease of swapping. Seems I either find something on ebay or get a new 1/8" chain and 1/8" chainring. Just thought maybe I was missing something somewhere as most stores seem to only carry 1/8" chainrings.
I think you're right. I see ebay has a selection of chainrings with these specs. Just doing a quick google search didn't turn much other than that. If it were me I would spend $10-$20 on a 1/8th chain and then you can run whatever ring you want. If you don't care about design of the chainring and more about it just being silver, you could always remove the black anodize and polish it yourself.
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