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I have a 3 speed Brompton, and had a rebadged Tern.

Tern likes: much better ride on 20 inch wheels, usable gearing

Tern dislikes: heavy weight, clumsy fold, exposed chain when folded, potentially lethal manufacturing defects, unethical company response to manufacturing defects

Brompton likes: compact fold, chain unexposed when folded, luggage options with the carrier block, thoughtful design

Brompton dislikes: heavy weight, slow speed, high gearing, caution required around potholes and curbs due to tiny wheels

I also have a Bike Friday Pakit

Pakit likes: 6-7 lbs lighter than the Brompton, silent belt drive, usable gearing

Pakit dislikes: clumsy fold, inferior luggage options, caution required due to tiny wheels, less thoughtful design, shoddy workmanship

I replaced the Tern with a Brompton because of safety concerns. And despite its downsides, I find my Brompton much more useful for my needs than the Pakit. It's the bike I use the most.

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