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FWIW Hydro is far superior to mechanical discs and is worth a few $$. As the owner of a '17 Roubaix I love the future shock and normally run it with 32mm panaracer gravel king slicks for pretty much any conditions (6283 miles in 2018).

There is a recall (today) on any future shock equipped bike today (1/9/2019). I called my LBS and Spz and its a replacement of the collar on top of the FS. No one has been hurt (supposedly according to Spz) but they can crack. New ones are being distributed to LBS any day now.

SO, might the FS be an issue long term? Maybe. On the other hand, even though I am mostly on road (commuting mind you) I'll never buy something with a solid front again. Spz Roubaix/Diverge, Trek Domane, Lauf True Grit, or add a redshift shockstop suspension stem to something else. As an old (51) and big (6'3", 205lb) guy, comfort matters more than a few grams, and the future shock works better than bigger tires do (and I have run 25,26,28,30,32 and 33's on the roubaix).

To sum it up -
test ride + bike fit > tech or brand or model

(... but get hydro discs ...)
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