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I am having the worst time learning to repair bikes. It seems whenever I try to do any sort of work on my bicycle I totally butcher it and make it 10x worse than it already was. I am autistic and also have Nonverbal learning disability which makes it nearly impossible to simply learn repairs from YouTube as I simply cannot do something just from watching a video. Due to being disabled I have very little money and cannot afford a car (couldn't drive even if I wanted to due to my disability anyhow) and over the years have learned to appreciate bicycles, so I am an avid rider but I also rely on my bike for transportation. Over the years I have tried over and over to learn to repair bikes on my own in various ways, as money is very tight, but have had almost zero success, even if the repair seems to be going well, it will quickly fail while out on the road, no matter how many times I watch the videos back or practice repairs on my own. I would require one on one assistance from a very patient teacher in order to learn these things, however so far that has been unsucessfull. I have tried to gain supported employment at a bike shop in order to further my knowledge, but it's all been in vain, as I have been to all the bike shops in my area before and they have all seen firsthand my horrendous repairs, so even with the coercion of ARC (a program in my state that helps place disabled people in supported employment) no local shops will even consider hiring me thus that opportunity is lost. My last ditch effort was volunteering at a local bike giveaway to try to get some experience with bicycle repair but I was actually asked to leave after the third day because I was doing so poorly at fixing the bikes that it was interferinng with the other workers jobs because they were constantly having to stop what they weee working on to fix my mistakes 😞😞 that was my last chance to learn and I blew it. Bike school is not an option as there are none here on the east coast where I live, they are all located on the west coast and even if there were any closer to me I wouldn't be able to afford it anyways so it doesn't really matter. If only someone would give me an actual chance. . .but I've exhausted just about all avenues and largely due to finances and my disability, nothing seems to work. About ready to give up, posting on this forum is my desperate last effort to see if anyone knows any way I can find someone patient enough to teach me, so that I can actually do what I love and retain a shred of my Independence and not have to rely on people for rides the rest of my life, as I cannot afford bike shop labor, as it is, I can barely afford the cheapest bicycle components the local shops have on my budget. So if anyone knows of someone who can teach me repairs one on one. Would have to be for little or no money though. I am very passionate about bikes and would love nothing more than to be able to actually repair them properly.
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