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Originally Posted by bonsai171 View Post
Yeah, I figured they wouldn't be as good. Was definitely questioning the quality. Riding those bars would make me uneasy. Would worry about them breaking mid ride.

That is a good thing to worry about. I wouldn't trust a bar like that no matter what the price. I tend to find hospital bills to be way more expensive then even a $500 Schmolke bar. I want to be able to tell people my bike has the real deal, Shimano not Shamino.

Originally Posted by phobus View Post
Calling it "stealing" is oversimplifying. That assumes that, if the person hadn't found the knockoff for $40, they would have bought the real thing at retail instead. That's hardly ever the case.

Lawyers tried to make the same argument 20 years ago, as if every 12 year-old kid who discovered Napster was just about to drop $15 for the new Metallica CD, but downloaded it for free instead. Neither do knockoff purses sold at flea markets represent a huge loss of sales for Louis Vuitton.

I won't argue with that, though. I don't buy knockoffs either, for a bunch of reasons.
So the Metallica CD and the Metallica download is the same music. It is not like Napster was redoing the Metallica songs with a different band, they were the same thing just for free on the interwebs. Though Motellica or Matallica or the Larz Ulricks Experience would be fun.

This product is an actual fake product being sold as the real thing not the real thing just not really being sold.
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