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Originally Posted by veganbikes View Post
That is a good thing to worry about. I wouldn't trust a bar like that no matter what the price. I tend to find hospital bills to be way more expensive then even a $500 Schmolke bar. I want to be able to tell people my bike has the real deal, Shimano not Shamino.

So the Metallica CD and the Metallica download is the same music. It is not like Napster was redoing the Metallica songs with a different band, they were the same thing just for free on the interwebs. Though Motellica or Matallica or the Larz Ulricks Experience would be fun.

This product is an actual fake product being sold as the real thing not the real thing just not really being sold.
No to take this off track, but I still agree with what Lars Ulrich was fighting back then. He could foresee the damage something like a Napster would do to the music industry, and he was pretty spot on in my opinion. That's why the top streamed songs have millions if not billions of plays, and only make a couple grand off their songs. The music industry did adapt and a most of the money is now made off touring and merchandise, not record sales. There is light at the end of the tunnel though! Vinyl and record sales are slowly climbing again! There seems to be some sort of stigma towards success and wealth. Especially in rock and roll. For some reason it's looked down upon to be really good at what you do and make a lot of money doing it. This has never made sense to me. I hate to say it but its usually the people who aren't willing to work hard enough to be successful who are doing the complaining and looking for a hand out. If I work hard and make a dollar, doesn't mean I should share it with the next feller who didn't do anything for that buck. That's socialism, and no thanks! Okay rant over... but this idea helps support why I wont buy knock off product. I'd rather support the folks working hard to make a quality product, than the others lookin for the easy route with whatever crap they can sling.
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