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The "East coast" is a pretty big place. You claim to have trouble with bike repairs, but you do not give any details about specific problems you have encountered. You should try not to allow individual problems overwhelm you, take each one by itself and concentrate on it. When you attempt to repair something, concentrate on that specific job, don't allow yourself to be distracted by other possible problems that might crop up. If you are better at reading text, there are innumerable written guides to bicycle repair. I also find many videos somewhat difficult to follow, you might miss something, and have to rewind several times to find the specific direction you need. Text is better, it is all in front of you and all you may have to do is to look up a few lines to find the information you missed the first time you read it. Don't despair, anyone who was able to write the original question in this thread is more than intelligent enough to figure out how to fix a bike
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