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Originally Posted by canklecat View Post
That's a pop culture myth about superpowers. Akin to the myth that blind people have heightened audio awareness, etc. There's little evidence that people outside the norm/mean for senses and cognitive abilities develop compensatory superpowers. And that myth tends to undermine the confidence of real people with real disabilities who feel robbed somehow because nature didn't compensate with superpowers.
I'm not suggesting a "Rain Man" explanation.

Asperger's is a "Spectrum" disorder, with covering a wide range of skills and deficits.

What I have observed with people diagnosed with Asperger's is that they frequently have this hyper-focus.

One guy I met could talk one's ears off about bridges, including quite some integrate details. I don't know if it would make a good engineer, but he at least liked bridges. Part of it depends on whether he will be able to effectively expand his focus enough to deal with a variety of issues.

But, Asperger's both has benefits and costs. As I mentioned, the risk of missing the forest for the trees.

My guess is the problem with videos is that for some people they don't give the info quickly enough. For others, they skip over important details. How do you adjust your cones without knowing exactly how tight to tighten them?

Some things like torque specs might be nice, but there is also an element learned through experience. Tighten it down until it feels right (something that a good mentor can help with).

Many of the best "self-taught" mechanics have already made every mistake not in the book. Which is also a good reason to have a "practice bike".
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