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Originally Posted by Pahana View Post
My first folding bike was a Tern Verge X10. It looked like a folding rocket and road great so I thought. After getting on a Brompton there was no comparison. The Brompton felt much more stable underneath me and fit my body perfectly. The Tern felt like there was nothing underneath me and I could never get a good riding position. This of course is all subjective. I finally sold the Tern and became a Brompton worshipper like many on this site . Also I couldn't shake the thought in the back of my mind of the Tern recall even though my bike was not one of them. It was always there playing in my mind and I just decided to move on.
Tern Verge X10 (forward position rocket built for speed) vs Brompton (upright city bike)... seems like a bit of an apples to oranges comparison, that one
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