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Originally Posted by plushy gopher View Post
The 6-speed Brompton is totally fine, except for the non-standard wheel (= tire) size
The Brompton uses 349 tires which are a standard size.Just a different one than 406. Over all the years of using a Brompton I did not recognize this as a problem in practice. What is in your opinion a "standard size" and why? And in which sense is ETRO 349 a Problem (which then obviously also affects all Bikes with 349 wheels)?

Originally Posted by plushy gopher View Post
and the problem that you'll have vendor lock-in which, depending on how much you use the bike, will cost you a lot over the years.
Could you explain that a little further please? In which sense would a Brompton cost you a lot over the years due to "vendor lock in", especially in comparison to other folders?
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