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Originally Posted by barnabaas View Post
Ok, sorry to revive this thread but I had another stupid question and instead of making another post I figured I'd ask real quick. Can any chainring be mixed and matched with any crankset provided their bolt center diameter's match up? Seems logical to me but I could be missing something and wanted to make sure.

Any exceptions I should know about?
Pretty much. So long as BCD is the same you are good to go. Though things do get a little wonky with the newer Shimano 110 Asym stuff and SRAM as well I believe, along with all the direct mount stuff but if you find a 130 bcd crank you can put pretty much any 130 bcd chainring on it. However will it all work with your drivetrain is another issue. Most stuff will do ok but 11 and 12 speed stuff might not play so nice with 6-9 speed stuff.
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