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Originally Posted by Bandera View Post
As predicted a good while ago the Fixie-Fad has faded away while the devotees of truly obsolete hardware and Old School club cyclists continue as they have for well over a century to ride FG on the open public roads.
Yes, obsolete hardware! Many years ago, the bicycle was the primary means of transport for the working man. Now, at least in the affluent west, it is no more than an over designed, overpriced throwback: a rich man's plaything. Oh, the irony of using aluminium, titanium, and carbon fibre, at enormous cost to the environment, to make something that is then justified as "green" then riding it on specially made tracks on journeys that go nowhere but in a big loop because we want to make ourselves tired after a hard week at work. wink icon to show I am not being serious.

Riding fixed is fun. Riding a geared bike is a different sort of fun. Riding single speed combines some of the pros and cons of each, but is also a different kind of fun.

I don't really understand how riding fixed has somehow become a "for life" thing, especially among the type of people who tend to follow the latest fashion and move on when the trend changes. You don't hear people saying, "Badminton for life" or "Angling for life." However, you do occasionally hear people shout, "Run for your life!" which is a different thing, I suppose.

With most sports and hobbies, the norm is to enjoy it and, in some cases look back and realise that it has been a big part of your whole life. Committing to it "for life" up front when you're young, and getting a tattoo to prove it, seems strange to me. But then, maybe I'm just spouting off because I'm an old geyser.
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