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Originally Posted by 50PlusCycling View Post
That's definitely odd. Birdies are popular in Japan, but in the clubs here I have not yet seen or heard of a similar breakage. The only common breakage here is in the front fork assembly where it is boiled to the steering tube, and this is usually caused by collisions or improper tightening of the bolts.
The front fork is a well known issue, there have been mentions of the issue in Germany as well. The maintenance plan in the manual from Riese and Müller requires since 2006 the replacement every 3 years or 20.000km, whatever happens earlier. So they know that this is a weak point of the bike. This makes the Birdy a pretty expensive bike as these parts are not cheap. Possibly most people do not care about the scheduled replacement. Is this topic mentioned in the manual of the Pacific Cycle Birdys as well?

R+M do however not mention the rear fork in their maintenance plan. I have no ideas how many Birdys have been sold over the years (and even less how many of them have been ridden more than just occasionally) but would assume at least a couple of thousand. 3 reports are not much so I'd assume it is not a huge, generic problem (but maybe still a generic weakness of the construction). On the other hand: If you are affected in the wrong moment that does not help. I'd assume that these breakages do not happen spontanously but rather a crack builds up over time and probably start on the lower part of the arm on the chain side. Over time the crack develops further from there until the swing arm chain side breaks and then instantly the other side as well. At least that's what I could imagine - plain speculation. So it is possibly a good idea to have a look at this area from time to time, especially on the chain side and if there is something nasty to take appropriate action.
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