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Fixed trend is still going strong here in California.

There still exist two shops dedicated to fixed gear/single speed riding.

I see them around quite often.

What has changed though, is that when you see a sick one (all nice and built up) it looks like it's ridden by a person who rides fixed as part of their lifestyle.

The bikes are heavily aftermarket and worn/well used.

They are also modified for a particular purpose (some have racks, some are just for training/ridin fast, some are just for fun rides) which tells me that the owner uses it for that one thing.

The only other single speed bikes you see are the really cheap $200 ones that are thankfully converted to single speed most of the time.

(I consider a very cheap fixed gear bike an actual safety hazard as I have snapped cogs before).

The really cheap single speeds seem to be used by people that just commute very short distances or use them to get to/from work or something.

I think that's way more practical than a geared bike personally.

I rarely see bikes like mine (single speed cross or mid range commuter bike).

Although mine is built and used primarily as a work bike, and I use single speed for it's low maintenence/simplicity, it has some upgrades that make it stand out a bit.

To an astute observer it should at least say "enthusiast" if anything.
Most would not notice the upgrades, some would just see it as something that makes me work more efficiently (which it does).

SS is all I've ever known and it feels very natural to me. I never did it to be cool, I just literally do not know how to properly ride or maintain a geared bike and at the moment have no interest in doing so.
I like the simple feeling of just hopping on something that you can smash on and go forward with.

The fact that you only see people that use them because they are cheaper than geared bikes, and people that use them because they are very much into fixed riding tells me that the scene has indeed lost steam.

There are not as many enthusiasts or people that have random bikes or mid rangers.

This is in stark contrast to back in the day when you would see ALL SORTS of fixed/single speed bikes everywhere.

Many/most were very new and in pristine condition meaning the owner bought the trendiest most expensive **** and just never rode it often (but had like the perfect bike that fit/rode so well and they didn't even know why), or they did ride them seriously but just took really care of them (Pros).

You would see LOT'S of weird NJS/keirin bikes and imported bikes. There were only a handful of street single speed companies, and most bikes/parts were indeed from the track or from companies that built them to be used on a track.

Lot's of 1" threaded headtubes on some mysterious japanese frame, lot's of EAI, etc.

That part of fixed seems to have COMPLETELY evaporated. If any part of single speed riding was a trend, I believe it was the vintage/njs/keirin thing. I was never into it as I came from the bmx world and I was all about local companies making custom affordable frames.

The mid ranges you would see were from newly sprouted companies or road companies that decided to build a legit cool fixed frame (I owned one).

Tons of those were around and going strong.

Millennials have gotten old. They seem to have switched to cross bikes (excuse to have a freewheel and not admitting that you're doing it because you are old), or they have just become full blown roadies.

Some have succumbed to the dad and have gotten weird purpose built commuter bikes.

Cycling has dropped off a little.

That's fine by me as I have ridden alone through most of my life anyways.

I think i've been to one group ride, seen one race, etc.

Judging from some of the videos I see and how the products are marketed, it seems that people just seem to see them and think that it's cool and edgy.
That alone seems to keep the mid range thing going and there will always be a 20 something that wants that for a little while.
I like sick colorways too! lol.

I could get a fixed and it would be (for me personally) even more practical than what I have now.
I love the "oneness" and zen of riding fixed...
Honestly the only thing stopping me from doing it is the interference of other people in my life.
That, and the fact that I want to dick around sometimes and I hate doing that on a fixed.
Ridnig fixed means just riding to me man, and it's an awesome way to do it.
I personally feel like there is nothing like it and it's an amazing way to ride a bicycle.

For me It will always just be my lonely adventure.
Painfully isolated, but free to roam.

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