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Originally Posted by chagzuki View Post
The big question for me is whether there's more overall flex than with the standard steel brompton. From my investigations flex felt when pulling on the handlebars becomes an issue at bar heights around that of th M-type. S-type riders don't tend to notice much flex, so perhaps you won't really feel any on this ti model. But I wonder how it would feel with higher bars. I believe the majority of the flex comes from the ridiculous wedge stem 1970s technology, so if titanium is less strong than steel at the same volume then the stem will flex more, and that wouldn't be good.
I am not really sure, but other guys who've been riding full ti Brompton clones say they feel just the same. All titanium parts are made by Ti3Al2.5V titanium alloy with ~600MPa yield strength, where 4140 cromoly has 415MPa yield strength. And as Brompton is not even made with cro-mo steel to begin with, the titanium parts should be (in theory) stronger than original steel parts (assuming the same volume!!!)

And the carbon seatpost and handlepost (which is hand made in small quantity by a carbon specialist guy) are actually quite flexy compared to steel ones. Some people like them because it smooths the ride, some people prefer more stiffer titanium ones.
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