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Thanks tmac100 and the other people who have posted in this thread recently.

I am one of those typical men who couldn't really gather the fuss not very long after what happened, but I have been through a lot of medical treatment that has helped to cast the light on the extent of the damage and how darned lucky I have been to firstly survive and secondly recover enough to do stuff... including thinking seriously about return to work, and of course cycling.

The day-before-yesterday (or yesterday US time) was the 10th month since the incident that injured me. Had it just been broken bones (as has happened once before to me on the same machine) I would have been fully recovered within a few weeks. But that head/brain injury was a major occurrence, and on more than several occasions, as stated by people who are defined experts in their medical fields, I have made a remarkable recovery.

Some of that survival and recovery is due to an inbuilt fitness from the physical activity due largely to cycling and to a small extent the type of field work I was engaged in. It sounds holy, I know, as it's not meant to be, but the almost entire elimination of alcohol and the 15-years-ago final elimination of nicotine were two other significant contributions to my adequate fitness level for brain recovery.

And I will never forget the incredible job Machka has done to keep me focused why life is still more than what it could have been.
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