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Originally Posted by cogarch View Post
I would love to hear about your switch to Maguras. Which ones did you use? Did you have to make any modifications? And how did you manage the circuitous route of the front brake hose? Thanks.

Magura's have come as standard fit on Birdy's models before - particularly in Germany which is the home country for both - so they fit pretty easily as long as you dont try to put the brake boosters on as well. I have a decent collection of retro bikes so I was able to get hold of some old HS22's in classic fluoro yellow.

My old birdy was an original Birdy Blue (3x7 sachs dual drive - pre-Sram), and the rear brake routing on the early models left lots to be desired which promoted the Magura's in the first place, that model also had simple metal oval loops to route all the cables so there were no cable bosses to drill out for the hoses, and because maguras can pivot through a wide range of angles and have fairly short blocks they actually fitted easier than the V's they replaced.

The front was a similar story, and was basically an external run of the way the hoses run today on the current model, although from memory it was on the Left hand leg not the right hand leg. Basically the hose ran down the left hand leg via cable ties, then I used a cable tie through the hollow pivot bolt to create a tight-ish guide loop to allow enough freedom in the fork fold but to keep it out of the way in normal riding. I used hope braided hoses rather than the black oem magura ones, and after about 4 years all that had worn from rubbing during folding and transport was the clear outer. The braiding was untouched.

Magura's are amazing brakes - nearest you will get to discs with a rim brake.

Hope this helps!
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