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Originally Posted by 63rickert View Post
It is not all the same and you won't know until you try.

My '73 Cinelli had 82mm drop. I can't measure that accurately but that's what André Cinelli told me and my measurement confirmed it. The '67 Falcon must have had over 90 - measuring ground to center of BB axle was about 9-7/8" with a Clement 50. Lowest BB I am aware of on a road bike would be one Ron Boi built for himself with 101mm of drop. His report on that was he went through corners faster than anyone with no effort. Drafting anyone was easier. Getting a draft off him was suddenly harder. No downside. I was only 15 and 16 years old when I rode the Falcon and still recall it rolled really well. The Cinelli was a dream and very hard to say how much of that was due to drop.

Significantly lowering center of gravity does not make a bike less stable.

Experiment. If you have the option experiment. Predicting how you will like it is not going to connect in any way to reality.
Anecdotal stories like the Ron Boi low BB bike being this or that without more geometry data is of little real information. No mention of weight placement (front or rear centers), steering angle or trail and the seat/bars relative position WRT his previous bike. Like has been said before- taking one geometry element and trying to associate it with some greater result can be a fool's errand. Andy
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