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Originally Posted by Pine Cone View Post
I used the Problem Solver adjuster and have just left it in place on the bike. Works fine, not sure the headset adjustment would be easy without it.

@Pine Cone:
Thanks for replying.

Yes I read the entire Ti thread. Twice. And from the components listed the only way I can see to load the headset would be to snug it up by hand, install the Problem Solver, install the stem / riser and then tighten the 2 clamps at the bottom of the stem / riser. At that point, now that the PS has something to press against, you can now expand it which will put the necessary preload on the headset. Which means that if you wanted to then loosen or remove the stem / riser - for folding & packing - then you've lost your headset preload. Or if you removed the PS afterwards, as jur suggested, then you have no preload.

Which is why Bike Friday uses a PS-like device with a clamp above it to be able to set and maintain the necessary bearing preload AND allow you to remove the riser without affecting headset adjustment at all. (but, like most BF "solutions" weight is not a primary consideration) See this page:

So am I missing something here or ???

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