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Originally Posted by fstrnu View Post
Yep. ERG mode is definitely not for everyone. For example, I'd rather do steady state stuff in ERG mode while watching TV any day over Zwift, but that's me. I can't stand having to pay attention when things are boring, if that makes any sense. For me, I'm either bored stiff or suffering with nothing in between. So I watch TV when I'm bored or simply relish the rest intervals when I'm going hard.
I did my ride last night in simulation mode and averaged at FTP + 7w for just over 20 minutes, but with lots of variation while doing it, surges, chases, and a final sprint to the top. It was a lot more engaging than if I did a workout with fixed intervals, and I worked a lot harder. I still had more in me too, so if this were an actual FTP test I may have increased my number since I was already right at my current FTP. I also didn't get sore after.

Today is looking like an outdoor day finally. And no matter how much I appreciate Zwift through the winter, outdoors has it beat every time.
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