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Originally Posted by Brompton_X View Post
3/5 of the people I know who purchased the titanium main frame they returned. I know the sample size is very small but still I think that's a very high ratio. Anyway, like I said, you can definitely build one if you want. Just make sure you buy from the right place. I purchased the main frame, rear frame, fork, and stem all together. When I found out I had issues with the fork, and rear frame and tried to replace with Brompton OEM parts, they just didn't work. So right now, I can't fold properly if the chainring I use is bigger than 52T.
I have probably one of the best mechanic in Taiwan built the bike for me. It is just the product issue, not whom built the bike. That's my 2 cents.
Do you know EXACTLY WHAT are the issues? "They just didn't work" doesn't sound very convincing to me.
Also what does it mean that you can't fold properly if the chainring is bigger than 52T? Does the chainring interfere with the frame? Then why it matters only for folding?
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