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Originally Posted by BikeWonder View Post
Help me understand: if an older individual chooses to baby their vehicle of whatever make, of vintage status, as responsible and disciplined, but an younger person such as myself silly and ridiculous?
Art is art. People have different ways of appreciating. I was just in a position to figure out if I wanted to look at it or experience it.

Everyone else has been providing great feedback to simply enjoy life. If asking a question and looking for guidance makes me silly and ridiculous, then I probably joined the wrong forum. But then again, you don't speak for everyone either.

I enjoy this forum and I will continue to use it, despite what "silly" and "ridiculous"questions I may ask or express.

It's about sharing knowledge and experience, not criticizing ridiculing.
Agree with your mature attitude. I suppose that as we are exposed to many things online, some become rather sensitized to what they (rightly or wrongly) perceive as trolling. Sadly, we have had several instances where new members have done "hit and runs", where they make a provocative statement, stoke the fires, and then disappear - which can heighten skepticism. In my experience, when there's any doubt about intentions, it's better to ask questions, or observe than to presume and be uncivil. Glad to have a new member here with a level head who appreciates history and learning. This community is by far, the most helpful, generous and collegial group I've encountered online. Hope it can be that way for as many others who are seeking these things as well.
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