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Originally Posted by mountaindave View Post
Good summary! I’m not quite as tall as you (6’1” as I start to shrink), but my legs are long (36” inseam - pants are typically never available in stores for me). I’d love to experience the vintage Japanese rando scene, too. My wallet would likely be safer there - not too many 60/62cm frames...

Can’t wait to see the next iteration of this bike!
I know the feeling. I generally wear 36" inseam trousers but I actually came across a shop that has the occasional model in a 38" inseam! I need a new pair, perhaps I should drop by tomorrow.

Come shop here! Many tall people around here but even then the nicer tall frames are rare. It often tops out at 62cm frames.

I came across this very pristine looking 1987 Koga-Miyata Randonneur-Extra with all the accessories like the additional low riders. It's as old as I am but I really shouldn't take on an extra bike like that. I need to get rid of some bikes first before my girlfriend comes back at the end of summer.

Time for me to head to bed. I spent most of the day finishing up the wiring of the lights. If you think pulling the cables for dynamo lighting through the frame is a pain in the ass then just wait until you try doing the same for a rack!

The results are worth it though.

I might return to redo some of the wiring again in the future but for now I'm just going to leave it alone and enjoy it.

Edit: Added a drawing to show how the wiring goes and why it is such a pain. It's too twisty for the thicker SON coaxial wire and even B+M's double wire is often to thick or catches on to small welding imperfections (?) on the inside of the tube. My solution was to take two single-strand wires and connect them at the rear. Still, very patient work though.

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