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I've done the 11-speed mod now. 9-36t cassette, SRAM NX 1x11 derailer, and SRAM NX gripshift. The derailer is long enough to reach down past the 40 mm tyre, but there's just enough clearance to avoid rubbing. It's a bit shorter than the original XT 10-speed derailer, so there's more ground clearance. I had to space out the 45t Litepro chainring 1 mm more to clear the chainstay. The chainring is aligned more or less with the 8th gear, so the chainline is very bad in 1st gear, but I don't hear any noise when riding it. Shifting is great.

I had to route the shift cable out through the hole on the underside of the swingarm, which I guess exists for the Alfine edition. The fold is unaffected.

SRAM NX 1. gear by gunnsteinlye, on Flickr

SRAM NX 11. gear by gunnsteinlye, on Flickr

First gear, 45-36, gives me 1.74 meters, just about enough to climb hills with a touring load. 11th gear is 6.96 meters, enough to ride about 40 km/h. More range would be nice, but that would require a setup that is either more expensive, more complicated to fix on tour, or heavier (or all the above). I think it will be good enough as is.

R & M, please redesign the rear swingarm so a more sensible chainline is possible!

Birdy in Porsgrunn by gunnsteinlye, on Flickr
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