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Originally Posted by punkinevil View Post

I think that's a bit of a mischaracterized as pearl-clutching. This isn't before the e-bikes hit the street, it is based on actual encounters and observations out on the street. My initial response was right after someone on one almost crashed into me. I can say "almost" because I have the skill and experience and I avoided him. Sure, some people are perfectly fine on them, but some people are not. I know some 12 year olds who could drive perfectly well, but I'm not advocating for all 12 year olds to have access to cars.

It sounds like you've never been hit by one. Once you have, you'll wish that the inexperienced ones couldn't exceed 10-12mph. If the woman who hit me on her conventional Citibike had been on an e-version going 18mph, my rim would be toast and I'd have some scars to show. It's also a lot easier to react and compensate for erratic behavior from some one ride at 10mph than someone riding at 18mph. Btw, I keep quoting 18mph because I paved one the other day and that was their sustained max speed.

I have to say, the citibikes are built like tanks. I've had many spills, sometime clipping the bollards because I wasn't use to having bikes with handlebars so wide, or crashing on my own because of going airborne over invisible speedbumps (I usually ride, when not needing to manourver, w/my elbow on the bars, hand draped near basket), bike not as nimble as expected (when doing powerslides w/o taking foot off pedal), or being doored (having to go to the ER, but the bike was still perfectly rideable...docked by the cop on scene). In fact, every time I am about to have a head on collision with another bike (usually when a vehicle crossing a 2 way bike lane when they have a red light, and as soon as they cleared part of the bike lane, somebody crosses over to the opposing side of the 2 way bike lane to cut around the rear of the vehicle just so they don't have to come to a complete stop), I just brace on and hope my citibike will plough through with me on relatively safely. Of course, there were brakes involved, but it would probably have been 1/2 sec of braking, so there are still some speed involved, even if its not 30mph (15+15), and those other bikes usually have some damage or misalignment, whether handlebar or brake hood/lever. The citibike pretty much survives, not always.
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