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We also have a "Safe Routes to School" program.

I think it does involve route planning, and perhaps path development.

Unfortunately, the other that has happened locally is that most of the local rural gradeschools have been closed. I'm not sure what happened. Perhaps dwindling enrollment due to an aging rural population.

Closing the schools means that "Safe Routes" no longer exist for the rural population.

Here, the gradeschool, about 1 mile from my house was shuttered and repurposed as a special needs school.

They did keep a gradeschool open about 5 miles from my house, as one of the few remaining rural schools, but that last mile to get to the school is just a miserable section of road.

I would have zero qualms about sending a 6 year old that 1 mile to the local school that is no more. But, would seriously question sending a kid to the remaining local school.
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