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Originally Posted by Salamandrine View Post
Looking good.

FWIW I really like the Shimano CX70 front derailleurs. I have one on my Mercian with a 50/34 road double, and also on my Riv with a 30/40/50 Sugino triple crank. Works great on both bikes.

I had the Microshift branded version of that FD for a while, and I thought it was kind of mediocre, but it did work. Sometimes parts just don't like each other. The rear mech was much better. Is that a 30/46 chainring setup?

@Salamandrine The rings are a 42 TA Pro Vis 5 outer ring and a 28 TA Pro Vis 5 inner . I almost went with bigger on both ends but decided against it , on another wholly related note I purchased a 105 triple 10 speed front derailleur because I decided should I choose to add a third ring later this gives me that option . I can actually buy a whole different set of rings just unbolt these and swap. I love the modular nature of TA style cranks.
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