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Originally Posted by fuji_owner View Post
Having a tailor made suit is the definition of an objectively better product for the person for whom it's being made. The tailor is not hand-waving, he's taking actual "objective" measurements of the person to make the product fit the person most optimally.

You don't need to have odd proportions to get a custom frame. It's just the question of how much you are willing to compromise on performance or comfort. I might be fine with jeans that are a bit too tight or a bit too loose at the waist (and use a belt). Or I might want to get my jeans altered to fit my waist perfectly. Obviously, the altered jeans would be better. If I could get jeans made for my specific measurements, then that would be best.

With a bike, there is only so much that can be altered and adjusted on a stock size. I definitely see the reasoning behind custom frames, but they can also get really expensive. I got one custom Ti frame, and I can't afford to get another custom bike. I still have 2 cheaper stock size frames that are not as ideal as my custom bike for performance or comfort, but I still love riding them.

It's just as with custom tailored suits, you probably have one expensive custom tailored suit that you like the best, but at the same time, you have other stock size suits of different styles that are cheaper but still look good.
I feel like we're just arguing semantics and definitions. You say a custom sized frame is 'better,' I say it's an equal quality frame that just happens to be a better size.

In regards to fit...sure I'm completely fine with using a 'belt' on my bikes. Raising the seatpost...sliding the saddle the 10mm forward of center on the rail to the ideal position. I dont think avoiding those types of adjustments is reason alone for a custom frame.
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