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Originally Posted by BobL View Post
Thanks for the input. I've come to the conclusion that nobody particularly understands what I'm asking and why, which is fine. Totally my responsibility. As someone says, it's impossible to write in such a way that nobody could possibly not understand. That said, that place RideWithGPS looks useful.

Space Coast - I live about 30 miles south of the Kennedy Space Center. Between the Atlantic and the swamp, is about 10 miles on a straight east to west line here but I could ride north/south forever. I'm about three miles from the Atlantic, on the mainland, and my typical ride takes me out as far west as I can go around this city.

The area, though, is like a fractal maze of neighborhood roads. A complication is that most of the neighborhoods don't connect to each other and that funnels traffic back onto the other roads. There are thousands of possible routes if I poke around. I'd like to have a handful of routes that aren't heavy vehicle traffic and allow me to get out for an hour to 90 minutes. More routes to minimize boredom. I could sit with a street map, scale, and dividers, and pick out routes, doing it all manually. OTOH, if I could get an online map, click on a bunch of spots get the total distance, undo, change the route, and do it with less effort, that sounds better.

My wife and I used to ride together as our main recreation. We'd ride every day after work (and nights from September through April or thereabouts) and usually both days of the weekend. A weekend might find us riding to KSC or down into the next county south. We were hit by a pickup truck on a bright, sunny morning back at New Year's of 2000. Dec. 30, 1999 to be exact. I got lucky and walked out of the ER four hours later, but she had incredibly intricate surgery and was in the hospital and rehab hospital for a month. We got back on our bikes by April and continued to ride until somewhere around 2011 - I think - then just kinda stopped. Just bored with it, I guess. Last summer, I got interested in getting back on the bike and have been riding since about the end of August. She has not been interested in riding again so it's something I do by myself.


When you say you're planning on relocating here, about where are you looking? Or does the exact city matter much?

Afternoon Bob. First off, so sorry to hear about the past accident, glad you both recovered. And to think, that was way before everyone (toddlers included) became addicted to their smart devices, even while driving.

As for the fractal maze comparison, that is exactly what I think when Google Maps shows me the properties that my wife finds out there on the current market. Makes my stomach queasy thinking about living in one of those crazy mazes. In fact, they are so much so, do you think an APP exists that could actually give you what you want with any accuracy (kinda like using an older GPS that hasn't been updated)?

Daughter is in Daytona and we're 5 hrs. away, just wanting a more reasonable drive time to visit her and we want the beach like she has (out her door and we're set up on beach in about 20 mins.). We're open to anything from Port Orange down to let's say Port St. Lucie. Biggest problem is that we have about 6 acres now and we do have neighbors that we can see, but I'd probably dislocate my shoulder just trying the get a stone into their yards. So once again, thinking about living like that unfortunately makes me somewhat ill.

Good luck with your search Bob,

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