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Originally Posted by antimonysarah View Post
Weird question -- the PBP website says that SR medals are NOT included this time around -- how do we get them if we want them? (I'll only care if I get a PBP medal to hang with it, but if I do I will really want both.) We're past the deadline where RUSA says "you have to get it at PBP" and we can't even apply to be recognized for it any more for this year. (I know, ask my RBA, but he's got enough to deal with since we're still gearing up for our 600.)
Jeez, that seems weird that they've shut down applications for the medal... too bad if you haven't done a 600 yet, no SR medal for you! I'd be annoyed if I weren't going to PBP and was planning to do a 600 in the next few weeks. The SR medals are generic so hopefully they have ordered a few extras and you have a way of getting one. I've never applied for an SR medal before, I dunno if our ACP rep just orders one for everyone that does the series or how they do it... our club is much smaller than RUSA is so it's a lot easier to do stuff for a 100 people instead of 1000s.
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