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Originally Posted by Classtime View Post
Only electric motor bikes riders or people who contemplate becoming electric motor bike riders or people in the business of selling same would equate the difference between a fixed gear bike and a geared bike to be the same as the difference between bicycle and an electric motor bike. That is crazy talk. The industry understands this and is trying to use PA instead of ebike because PA is pedal assist just like gears are pedal assist.

I have never had a KOM but after 3 open heart surgeries, I do get an occasional PR and riding a bike has always been fun for me. I'd like to get a vintage Vespa. That would be fun too. But my wife says, "No motorcycles!".

We have a discussion because ebike sales depend on buyers using them on MUPs and in bike lanes. If ebikes are not legally defined as bicycles, then most buyers would not have a use for them. (I said most.)
I never said that, But, some people on here seem to think I did... What I said was, "the end result" is assistance, mechanical assistance or E-Motor assistance... I would wager my next pension cheque that if the assistance of gearing (mechanical advantage) was looked down upon as much as the E-Motor and wasn't available to use, maybe as much as 90% of the people who ride bicycles today would stop riding them, because they couldn't make it without that "assistance"... JMO... and as for the E-Motor assistance, I'm talking the Legal EU level and type of E-Bike assistance, NOT the Legal US levels for E-Bikes...

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