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So far I've ridden the Trek Conduit in several short / light rain scenarios without any problems. Actually I've been trying to test it in a harder rain but I'm only willing to do this if I'm close to home ( just in case some unforeseen electrical issue crop up unexpectedly. ) I figure better to check this before doing any road trips with the bike as I would hate to have to pedal the bike any kind of distance without any e-assist especially during a heavy downpour. Saturday I had the chance to ride during a downpour but before I could get dressed for the storm the small rain cell quickly passed before I was ready. By the time I was on my bike there was only the gentlest of light rain.

The ride I had today had a small bit of light rain. It was so light that I really didn't need to use any rain gear. In warm weather rain gear almost isn't necessary as long as you aren't riding in a torrent. No torrent was on the radar today, just a bunch of small fast moving mini-cells. Only a few of those had the yellow that indicates a med-to-hard rain and none of those were passing through where I live. I'm really Jonesing for a decent road trip. If it would only stop raining on weekends. Still haven't gotten a MTB ride in this summer cause every time I plan one it is either raining, had rained or threatening to rain and I do not like riding muddy trails or in the woods if a heavy storm is approaching ( or simply too close by for comfort ).

I have another week of vacation coming up in a couple weeks and yes, I actually am praying for some dry ( and not terribly hot ) weather. I did a google search for "reverse Indian Rain dance". To my surprise there is such a thing and not just by Indians. Who would of thought.
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