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Originally Posted by tcs View Post
Nice job on the build.

What's it look like folded?
Now, this is the bad part....
I forgot to specifically mention to the mechanic that the bike folds, so the cabling has too little slack for the fold..
They can rework it, but since I have no trip planned for the coming month or 2, I will delay sending in the bike until then.

That said, I played with the folding and its really quite simple.
Keep the front wheel and remove the non-drive side pedal. Then just unlatch the 2 securing mechanisms and the bike will fold.

I'll update again when I get this part sorted.

Originally Posted by dahoneezz View Post
For touring, will this be going on planes? (Looks big.) Can you put racks on this bike?
Yes, it will be going up planes.
There's no running away from size when the wheels get bigger.
I'll have to do a proper measure once I sort out the short cables.

Still figuring out how the rack will mount.
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