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Originally Posted by Money D View Post
I have a used 2016 Scott Solace Premium on the way to me (got a good deal, couldn't resist). This will be used for casual road rides and commuting to work. Its an XXL and I'm a tall/big guy, so I'm wanting a big volume tire. From what I've read, I can fit 30s on it. My question is, are there any 30s that will give me any advantage over the more common 28s? I'll be on pavement 95%, but it might be rough pavement, and some pretty smooth gravel/dirt trails when they're dry.

Thanks in advance.
A much bigger factor is one tire model compared to another tire model. A 2c difference is relatively minor compared to what one model tire at some pressure can offer over some other model. There may be a 30c tire (are there 30c tires?) that may feel like a frozen garden hose compared to a different model 28c.

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