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Originally Posted by alan s View Post
If you lived in the DC suburbs and had to cross the Potomac River, you would understand. Takes about 10 minutes more on average riding a bike 15 miles of my commute than it does driving. Sometimes if traffic is really light, Iíll drive all the way and ride after work, but that is pretty rare. Sometimes, such as yesterday, a major commuter road was closed due to a sinkhole, which made things even worse. On my bike, I breezed past all the traffic jams to where I parked, and the roads from there to my house were clear.
That's part of it for me. I park just outside of where the beltway gets clogged and bike in from there. However, because of the distance I'd say that the time savings is almost a wash for me.

But I can't really ride when I get home. I have to pick my daughter up from daycare, and when I get home my wife and I have to take care of her and work on our house (we're fixing it up to sell). So it's either ride during the day, or not at all and wait for weekend mornings. Which I don't want to do, so multi-modal it is.
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