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Originally Posted by Aletifer View Post
That's part of it for me. I park just outside of where the beltway gets clogged and bike in from there. However, because of the distance I'd say that the time savings is almost a wash for me.

But I can't really ride when I get home. I have to pick my daughter up from daycare, and when I get home my wife and I have to take care of her and work on our house (we're fixing it up to sell). So it's either ride during the day, or not at all and wait for weekend mornings. Which I don't want to do, so multi-modal it is.
I work all the way down in Old Town Alexandria, making driving a little faster, as the last 7 miles are at higher speed against the flow on the GW Parkway. But when I used to work downtown, riding a bike was usually faster than driving, and far less of a headache. The most telling contrast between driving and riding is what I check before heading out. Driving, itís google maps for traffic, whereas riding, itís the weather channel.
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