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It's interesting and sometimes entertaining watching the local flippers at work. Here is some action from the last week.

The Bianchi is a bike which was advertised for $100. Reasonable to assume the flipper probably got the bike down to $70. Repriced 36 hours later for $350.

First picture from the original ad. Second from the flippers.

Next, we have a Miele of some type. Great price (I think) at $75. I could have bought that bike as I spoke with the guy on the phone before anyone else. Perhaps someone put Dura-Ace on it and I could use those parts. But if I did end up buying it (with no Dura-ace), what would I do with it now? Maybe he had some bike tools I could use (like that oddball TA-230 Suntour BB cup remover for the Lee World) but no luck.

First picture original ad. Second, the flippers; at $450. I like the forlorn humour that flipper "Travis" uses. It's like he's saying goodbye to an old friend he's ridden for decades. And "earlier this summer". As in, 24 hours ago in my basement.

Who knows, maybe some of these flip artists are BF members? I'm not excoriating flippers, or condoning them.

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