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Originally Posted by amillhench
Gorgeous Trek [MENTION=70993]cooperryder[/MENTION]

what size is it? What’s the stand over? Year?

i almost went with the DTHs!
Thank you amillhench.

I have two and both are 22" 1989 lugged 950's.
The first one is pictured earlier in this thread.

I liked the first one so much when a 2nd one popped up near me I couldn't resist.

This most recent one is running the
Maxxis DTH tires and the first is running
Compass / Rene Herse Rat Trap Pass tires.

Due to economics I have RTP's on just the one.

I think the DTH function well for me as do
Tioga Power Blocks, but of course I give the edge to the RTP's.

I find the DTH and Power Blocks about equal on performance, both being well made folding, fairly supple, roll well and are about the same weight of about 550g's each and about the same price.

I'm always on the lookout for other good 26" tires in that weight range or less.

I measure right at 33 1/4" on the stand over.

I'm about to build up another 26"er and might try a comparable tire if reasonably priced.

These vintage 26" bikes built up like many in this thread hit a sweet spot for me on versatility, comfort and economics for my type of riding.

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