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Originally Posted by drobotnik View Post
I used to be a general contractor with a 10mpg heavy duty truck. That dragged me into the pits and I decided to close my business and work in the public sector. Moved to Nashville, found an affordable apartment a few blocks from work, and the other morning I timed my bike commute from door to door: 00:07:29.39. If I drove to work it would take 20 minutes at least door to door because of the parking garage and walking halfway across campus. I can even walk to work faster than driving. It’s crazy how inefficient cars are over short distances, and even crazier that my coworkers live so far away and justify it with lower priced housing. They buy 2 tanks of gas a week, sit in traffic for 3 hours a day, and seem absolutely worn out all the time.
Some times its an aesthetic choice, but oftentimes is out of necessity. New York and San Francisco come to mind.

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