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EMC used SPX (and earlier SP) already above 56, but usually left a lighter version (SLX and SL) for the seat tube (27.2 - of course). The information about the SLX sticker is invaluable, thank you. Now it's time for observations: strips (blue and fuchsia) on seat stays do not look like a factory paint EMC (you can see light reflections on color borders and uneven edges, the pattern is not applied symmetrically); EMC did not use black paint as a primer (matte or other). Conclusions: there are 2 options to choose from - it is a factory painting, but sometimes "corrected" ( thus the traces of the masking tape and black cutouts ) or it is completely repainted somewhere outside of EMC.
In my opinion much more speaks in favour of the version "improving factory painting". There is a chance to check the actual state of affairs: on the steering tube of the fork, EMC placed a piece of paper with the following information: serial number, size and... code of factory painting of frame (the codes can be found in the catalogues, unfortunately, mainly later). The code is usually 2-3 capital letters placed in the middle of the card (in my EM I found the FA code, i.e. the FAEMA painting pattern and the unusual Blue 83 code). If the card survived...
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