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It took some time, sorry, but finally I remembered where I saw the first EMC codes of the painting. "The frame Lives up to the Name" by EDDY MERCKX 1989 - corrected English version. Seven EMC frames were shown there and the code is given next to each frame. I don't have an original and the resolution of the photos is poor (my eyes too), but (from the left): ADR 88 = AP; Domex 89 = VOP; La William 89 = BJP; TeVe Blad 87 (really it's Lotto 89 ! - I think something went wrong with the 1989 contract) = XP; 7-Eleven 89 = SE; Hitachi = NP; Stuttgart 89 = QP. If anyone has access to this source, please correct it.
Observations: P is probably Pattern, only capital letters are used. Going back to our hero: "Go" or "Co" doesn't fit the style of the team designations; if we add black in places where fuchsia should be, it looks like the frame has been finished in a different painting than Stuttgart's (probably in one "civil" color). However, he did not have to leave the EMC factory in this painting - after a summer "sunbathing" in 1988 she could be painted there on Stuttgart (without changing the original piece of paper on the steering tube) and only then sold in this form. The second version was repainting the frame on the Stuttgart pattern outside the EMC factory in 89/90 - if so, the colors and stickers were carefully selected, but some minor mistakes were made (black instead of fuchsia and traces of using masking tape on seat stays). Both versions of the events are probable, I can not decide which one is true.
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