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Originally Posted by BobbyG View Post
I converted my 1997 Nishiki Blazer 3x7 straight-bar MTB commuter to drop-bars today…

I haven't done any mechanical project this ambitious on a bike in 25-years and it took me 6 hours from when I startrd to remove the old handle bars to putting the bell and horn on the new bars.

I am thrilled with how this turned out, especially given my fairly basic mechanical skills.

I cannot wait to ride to work Tuesday, and I especially can't wait for snow and ice!
I have posted to this thread, “How many bikes have you owned? How many were "mistakes"?”
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
In general all my bike purchases are more serendipitous than researched. My only (minor) mistakes were:Briefly,

  • Childhood:…
  • Early adolescence:…
  • College:-circa 1970: Five-speed Schwinn Suburban with upright handlebars, converted to drops, by me. I did more maintainance by myself on that bike than any other. Buying the Schwinn Suburban as a starter bike [was a mistake] because it soon became apparent I wanted a road bike; it was a borrowed Schwinn Varsity that sparked my interest
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
”Do You Work / Maintain Your Own Bikes?”…

Besides time, I have never had good facilities to work easily. Even now we live in a relatively small, but elegant condo, and my wife would frown on a room with a bike stand. Having the LBS do it all, in my case is a really good deal.

The shop is one block away, and they will fix many things at a convenient time for me. They are so expert that they can do these things quickly, better than me, and often spot problems that I did not see. Whenever I leave the shop, the bikes ride as if new again.

I tip well, not, “To Insure Prompt Service,” but because I am so appreciative of their work. Hats off to Back Bay Bikes.

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