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Originally Posted by tim24k View Post
I agree with all of the above.
Theirís about three months weather wise that I donít want to be in TX. Theirís five to eight months like this year where I donít want to be here in the dripping cold weather of the Northwest.

TX people are a proud and industrious kind of people that think much the same way as I do. Just as soon as I ride over border on my motorcycle or the landing gear on the airplane touches the runway in TX, I get this overwhelming feeling that Iím safe and back home again.

So so the search is on for a bicycle friendly college town in TX to retire in for this old toad.
I kinda had a goal of relocating "somewhere else" 20 years ago ... I just had this "I don't want a cradle-to-grave hometown" existence ... but as far as my values go and what I look for, and the fact that you can have virtual contact with people, products and culture all over the world online now, I don't think I will be happier anywhere else, and I have too many toys and memorabilia I'd have to spend a fortune moving.

I was looking at Research Triangle, New Mexico, Pacific Northwest (um, no, given current trends) but I will stay put for now. I do see the core of Dallas in significant decline but I keep to the outskirts, and may keep moving northward if suburban congestion and rising property taxes continue. Austin was considered a few years ago, but real estate and traffic congestion are just insane ... my old $200/month UT student apartment seems unreal now.

But one key factor in all this is ... "how's the biking weather and geography?" At least as long as my body holds out.
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