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I understand different voltage and how multiple cells produce the desired voltage. My question is on battery capacity. Does a 10 Ah battery deliver 10 amps at the specified voltage, i.e. 48 V, 10 Ah will deliver 480 watts, then is dead? V x A = W
Or does the mean it can deliver power at a RATE of 10Ah, or 166 ma / min? For how long?

In other words, will a 48V 10Ah battery power a 250W motor running battery only full power for about 2 hours or a 500W motor running full power for about 1 hour? Clearly, the 500W would be much faster.? A 36V 10Ah battery would power the 250W motor for 1 hours?

Can I determine the amount of power stored in a battery by multiplying V x Ah = Watts? Is this not a better determination of range, because the bike will draw the same wattage for the same riding conditions, up to the max motor rating?

I know lead acid batteries only allow about half the available power to be used before the battery begins suffering permanent damage, so a 480W battery really only has about 240W available to use. How far down can a Li battery be drawn down without damaging the battery?

If I get a bike and I am not happy with the range, is upgrading the battery size a simple process? Do electrical connections have a standard? How about mounting?

As always, Thank You. Your wisdom is appreciated.
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