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Originally Posted by Crossthreaded88 View Post
think it was more of an entry level school/work bike. Do these bikes still have any collector value? As soon as I change the tires and do a wheels off clean and tune I will post pictures. There is a similar bike in a 10 year old thread in C&V burgundy with gold decals. Is it because Puch is a small manufacturer they are less common and just because of that more desirable?
Rarity has little/no impact on value. Look at the Chicago built Schwinn Paramounts. They bring high prices from collectors, even though they made a ton of them. Collectors want desirable models, some are rare, some are not. Puch is less common because they were less successful in the marketplace.

Consider the early 1965/1966 Ford Mustang. Ford made more than 1 million of them. Meanwhile, similar models from less popular brands like the Rambler/AMC Marlin. 10,000 were sold in 1965, less than 5,000 were sold in 1966.

Guess which one is more desirable by collectors?

The very high production volume Mustang.

I've never seen this ---> " I've heard guys on this forum gush about Puch bikes" In fact, the better Puch's were typically but not always sold as A/D bikes. Most of the Puch's I have seen were nothing special, I would not gush about them. There are exceptions. I had one that was full first generation Dura Ace. I would "gush" over the Dura Ace, not so much the Puch frame it came on which went to the co op.

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