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Some thoughts about the bike for air travel and travel in general.

1. No oversized luggage fee for the airline I was flying with. Just need to check it in as odd sized luggage.
2. Got into 6 seater cars w/o a problem (via Uber, or other ride hailing app); the back seat needs to be moved a bit to fit my box
3. Preparing of the bike for boxing and fixing it back up is fast and easy; Just fold the bike up, release air pressure from the tires and dismantle the stem+handlebar.
4. Full sized bike riding capabilities upon reaching destination
5. Plushy 42mm tires are always a bonus when riding at own comfortable pace
6. Disc brakes (not common on folding bikes) are superb for its stopping power, modulation and less need of hand power when facing steep descents.

1. Kind of wide after the fold and my DIY box had too much buffer, so will do a version 2 of the box to make it more narrow and shorter.
2. The verion 1 DIY box is on the large side and it did not get into regular 4 passenger cars/taxis. (just needs 1" slimming on the width and length which I will do in ver2 of the box)
3. Pari-moto tires seem rather weak to puncture protection (got a flat on my 2nd day of riding by a broken glass chip; but maybe such things will happen to any tire)

I spent about 2hrs each day riding and this involved some climbing into the local hills and speedy descents.
The ChangeBike handled really well and the wide gearing never felt used up.
Disc brakes were are big bonus on windy, narrow descents, unknowing if any vehicle would be coming the other way.
They decelerated fast with little need for the hand to squeeze too hard on the brake levers, certainly better than caliper brakes.
The bike really comes into its own once its allowed to be used to its strength and not be trying to fight it out with race oriented road bikes.

Overall, I think my only gripe is the bit too big box that I made.
I catered for too much buffer space, resulting in a bigger box than is possible.
This will certainly be corrected in a version 2 of the box.
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